Traxxas XRT Ultimate: 4WD Race Truck - Green

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XRT Ultimate

XRT® started a revolution by combining X-Maxx® strength with race truck handling. The new 2024 Limited Edition XRT Ultimate is outfitted with over $1,000 in high-strength aluminum and performance upgrades, along with all-new belted Gravix® tires. 

XRT Ultimate Ultimate Durability


XRT receives substantial aluminum upgrades in all key areas of performance: suspension, chassis, drivetrain, and steering to usher in a new era of X-Truck strength and durability. XRT’s aluminum upgrades improve high-speed stability and precision while creating the toughest truck ever to wear the Traxxas name.

Included Wireless Module


A Traxxas Link Wireless Module comes standard on XRT Ultimate to take full advantage of its on-board telemetry. The free Traxxas Link app allows you to make micro-adjustments to the transmitter and view real-time telemetry data like speed, RPM, and battery voltage on your mobile device.

Belted Tires


XRT Ultimate’s belted Gravix® tires deliver game-changing performance on the track or in the wild. The directional tread pattern provides excellent traction and runs quieter than typical off-road tires. Lightweight belting in the carcass maintains the tire's shape for a larger contact patch, more grip, and responsive handling at any speed.


See all the high-performance upgrades that transform XRT into the ultimate 8s race truck.

TQi Transmitter with Wireless Module

TQi Transmitter with Wireless Module

With 60+ mph of 8s power on tap, XRT Ultimate needs maximum precision and control. XRT Ultimate’s factory-installed Wireless Module adds powerful TQi tuning and telemetry tools on your mobile device. Use the free Traxxas Link app to control steering and throttle sensitivity; steering percentage; braking strength; and throttle trim by simply touching and dragging the sliders on the high-definition graphic interface.

Limited Edition ProGraphix Body

Limited Edition ProGraphix® Body

XRT Ultimate comes with a limited edition body and graphics to set it apart from the pack. Tough body reinforcements and a rigid internal frame provide extra protection during rollovers to keep your body looking fresh even longer.

Aluminum GTX Shocks

Aluminum GTX Shocks

XRT Ultimate adds ultra-smooth TiN-coated shafts, color-matched aluminum shock caps, and threaded adjustment rings to its proven GTX shocks. GTX shocks soak up massive bumps to smooth out the roughest terrain. Their large oil volume dissipates heat for all-day shredding while an integrated wiper seal keeps the shafts clean.

Belted Gravix Tires

Belted Gravix Tires

In addition to their high-speed performance, belted Gravix tires deliver excellent traction at the track or in the wild. Gravix race tires are a revolutionary new hybrid design with densely packed biting edges and sipes. The directional tread pattern runs quieter than traditional off-road tires with a low-profile sidewall for excellent handling characteristics.

Factory-Installed Telemetry

Factory-Installed Telemetry

Factory-installed telemetry sensors collect and record XRT Ultimate’s telemetry data as you drive. Add the free Traxxas Link app to your mobile device to view real-time speed, RPM, temperature, and battery voltage data. The full-color dashboard is fully customizable with up to nine different dial or digital readout gauges.

Aluminum Differential Housings

Aluminum Differential Housings

Front and rear machined aluminum housings eliminate flex to keep XRT’s huge differentials in perfect alignment jump after bone-crushing jump. The housings are milled from high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum strength and protected by a brilliant anodized finish.

Aluminum Caster and Steering Blocks

Aluminum Caster and Steering Blocks

XRT Ultimate’s caster and steering blocks combine the brute strength of 6061-T6 aluminum with carefully engineered steering and suspension geometry. The brilliant anodized finish adds high-tech style with laser-etched logos to show off your genuine Traxxas performance parts.

TUBES Toe Links

TUBES Toe Links

Adjustable TUBES toe links make it easy to dial-in the perfect settings for greater precision and control. TUBES are lighter than steel and stronger than titanium with a unique hollow tube design which maximizes rigidity while reducing weight. Made from ultra-high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum, TUBES feature a brilliant, anodized finish for extra style.

Precision Steering

Precision Steering

Machined from tough 6061-T6 aluminum, XRT Ultimate’s ultra-rigid bellcrank assembly drastically enhances steering precision and strength. Tight tolerances and a special servo saver bushing allow the bellcranks to pivot smoothly on sealed ball bearings with a heavy-duty servo saver spring for added protection.

High Torque Metal Gear Servo

High-Torque Metal Gear Servo

Turning XRT Ultimate’s wide Gravix tires is the powerful 2085X metal-gear servo. With 450 oz-in of torque, XRT Ultimate has extra power on tap for extreme driving on any surface. An aluminum double-shear servo horn eliminates flex for fast, responsive steering at high speeds.

Aluminum Motor Mounts

Aluminum Motor Mounts

High-strength aluminum motor mounts and washers lock the massive 1200XL Big Block firmly into place to keep the gears perfectly aligned even on the biggest jumps. The mounts utilize the standard truck’s keyed gear mesh system for easy and precise adjustments.

Machined Pinion and Spur Gears

Machined Pinion and Spur Gears

XRT Ultimate features pinion and spur gears machined from hardened steel for maximum power handling and durability.

Aluminum Transmission Cover

Aluminum Transmission Cover

The aluminum transmission cover is color-matched to the truck with a laser-etched logo for extra style. Carefully milled from 6061-T6 aluminum, the cover locks into the chassis tightly to keep the transmission gears in perfect alignment. It also works perfectly with the 7866 high-speed overdrive gear set for extreme speed runs.

Aluminum Hub Carriers

Aluminum Hub Carriers

6061-T6 aluminum stub axle carriers add both strength and beauty to XRT Ultimate without compromising its carefully tuned suspension geometry.

Aluminum Wheelie Bar Wheels

Aluminum Wheelie Bar Wheels

Aluminum wheelie bar wheels add brilliant eye-catching style to the already outrageous XRT Ultimate. Outfitted with aluminum axles and sealed ball-bearings, the wheels feature durable soft-compound tires to help harness XRT’s brutal horsepower.

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Wirelessly adjust your transmitter settings and receive real-time telemetry from your model with Traxxas Link.

Traxxas Link Screens Traxxas Link


  • SEE REAL-TIME TELEMETRY View and record speed, temperature, and voltage data while you drive
  • CONTROL YOUR TRANSMITTER SETTINGS Make tuning adjustments on the fly and save your favourite settings
  • MANAGE YOUR MODELS AND PROFILES Save individual setting and tuning data for up to 30 different vehicles

Available on the App Store  Android App on Google Play


XRT Ultimate Specs Side

XRT Ultimate Specs Front

Length (including wing):31.41 inches (798 mm)
Front Track:23.43 inches (595 mm)
Rear Track:23.43 inches (595 mm)
Ground Clearance:1.93 inches (49 mm)
Weight:21.55 pounds (9.79 kg) - with body 24.39 pounds (11.09 kg) - with body & two 4s 6700 mAh LiPos
Height:10.15 inches (258 mm) - ride height 12.12 inches (308 mm) - full droop
Wheelbase:18.9 inches (480 mm)
Shock Length (front):6.79 inches (173 mm)
Shock Length (rear):6.79 inches (173 mm)
Tires (Pre-Glued):Gravix® Belted 7.4″ x 4.0″ (188 mm x 102 mm)
Wheels:4.3″ x 5.7″ (110 mm x 147 mm)
Speed Control:Velineon® VXL-8s
Motor (electric):Velineon 1200XL Brushless with heat sink and dual fan shrouds
Overall Drive Ratio:20.6:1 (20/50 motor pinion and spur gear)
Differential Type:Sealed, hardened steel bevel, limited slip
Gear Pitch (Spur and Pinion):Module 1.0
Chassis Structure/Material:Composite nylon tub
Brake Type:Electronic
Drive System:Shaft-driven 4WD
Steering:Aluminum bellcrank
Radio System:TQi 2.4 GHz 2-channel transmitter with factory-installed wireless module
Servo:Torque: 450 oz-in speed: 0.17 sec/ 60 degrees (6.0 volts)
Top Speed:60+ mph with two 4s LiPo batteries and optional overdrive gearing (sold separately)
Skill Level:5
Battery Tray:186 mm x 51 mm x 44 mm
Required Batteries:4 “AA” (transmitter) and 4-cell LiPo battery (x2)

XRT Ultimate (#78097-4) Green XRT Ultimate (78097-4) Blue 

MODEL 78097-4: XRT® Ultimate: 1/6 scale 4X4 brushless race truck, fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, with TQi™ 2.4 GHz radio system, VXL-8s™ brushless power system, and ProGraphix® clipless body.

What’s In The Box:

  • XRT Ultimate, Ready-To-Race® model with Traxxas Big Block™ brushless motor
  • VXL-8s waterproof electronic speed control with integrated telemetry
  • Quick Start Guide
  • TQi 2.4 GHz radio system
  • High quality maintenance tools

What You’ll Need:

  • LiPo Batteries

    Traxxas recommends dual 4-Cell, 6700 mAh Power Cell LiPo batteries (part 2890X) or the Dual 4s Completer Pack (part 2997).

  • LiPo Balance Charger with iD®

    Traxxas EZ-Peak® Live Dual 4s-capable charger is recommended for easy and fast charging performance (model 2973).

  • AA Alkaline Batteries

    Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter.

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