Traxxas Slash VXL (Green):1/10 Scale 2WD Short Course Racing Truck

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Traxxas Slash® VXL 2WD 60+ MPH Short-Course Truck

Slash VXL (58276-74) Front Three-Quarter View (FOX)

The Traxxas Slash VXL puts you in the driver’s seat for intense fender-to-fender, high-flying off-road action. Since its introduction, the Slash has set the standard for durability, performance, and technology. Traxxas Stability Management® puts Slash VXL’s tire-shredding power to the ground while making it incredibly agile and easily controllable. Extreme Velineon® brushless power provides screaming 60+mph† speed while the advanced TQ radio system keeps everything under precise control. With just one drive you will see why the Traxxas Slash VXL elevates short course performance to a whole new level.

  • Pre-painted clipless race replica body
  • Magnum 272R transmission
    • Aluminum motor plate
    • All-metal internal gears
    • Sealed beveled-gear differential
  • Velineon® brushless power system
  • Traxxas Stability Management TSM®
  • TQi 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Digital high-torque waterproof steering servo
  • Precision steel turnbuckles with heavy-duty rod ends
  • 100% Fully assembled and Ready-To-Race®
  • Battery and charger sold separately


Slash 2WD VXL (#58276-74) Clipless Body Mounting

Clipless Body Mounting

Slash's innovative clipless body features secure mounting with quick and easy removal. No posts, no clips—just drop the body onto the chassis and snap it into place for a secure hold. When it’s time to change the battery, depress the tabs under the wheel wells and lift up to access the chassis in just seconds.


Pro Series Magnum 272R™ Transmission

Pro Series Magnum 272R Transmission

The Magnum 272R uses a new low-profile housing with a rock-solid 3.2 mm aluminum motor plate. A hardened steel top shaft and all-metal gears send power to a sealed, silicone-filled 4-gear differential for maximum traction. A removable panel gives you easy access to the differential for tuning with different viscosity fluids. Originally developed for the hard-hitting Drag Slash, the Magnum 272R delivers competition-grade performance for your Slash VXL.

Proven, Class-Leading Velineon Brushless Power

Class-Leading Velineon Brushless Power

The Velineon brushless motor and electronic speed control deliver the ultimate in efficiency, speed, and run time. With the Slash VXL, your battery selection determines your speed and skill level. Velineon accepts a wide range of batteries, including powerful 3-cell LiPo packs. These packs pump out over 11 volts of power for intense, skill level 5 speeds beyond 65 mph! Built-in low-voltage detection in the VXL-3s™ ESC helps you maintain your LiPo packs in top condition.


~ Battery and Charger Sold Separately ~
Add a Traxxas Battery and Charger for a Winning Combination!

Speed35+ mph*35+ mph*60+ mph**
Battery2923X (1) 3000 mAh NiMH2843X (1) 5800 mAh 2s LiPo2872X (1) 5000 mAh 3s LiPo
Pinion/Spur23-T / 86-T23-T / 86-T31-T / 76-T
Skill Level245

Larger pinion gear/smaller spur gear combinations are for high-speed running on hard, smooth surfaces only.
*With stock gearing   **Optional gearing (not included)

100% Fully Assembled and Ready-To-Race®

Slash VXL rolls out of the box Ready-To-Race® with the advanced TQi 2.4 GHz 2-channel radio system and powerful Velineon Brushless Power System. 

Slash VXL (58276-74) Front View (Green)


Slash (58276-74) Specifications Side

SLASH VXL (58276-74) SPECS
Length­22.4 inches (568 mm)
Front Track­11.65 inches (296 mm)
Rear Track­11.65 inches (296 mm)
Weight­90.4 ounces (2.56 kg)
Height (overall)­8.43 inches (214 mm)
Wheelbase­13.2 inches (335 mm)
Front Shock Length­Long
Rear Shock Length­XX-long
Front Tires­Slash 2.2″ (pre-glued with inserts)
Rear Tires­Slash 2.2″ (pre-glued with inserts)
Front Wheels­2.2″ satin or chrome-finish
Rear Wheels­2.2″ satin or chrome-finish
Speed Control­VXL-3s
Motor (electric)­Velineon® 3500 brushless
Gear Ratio (internal)­2.72 (final drive: 10.2)
Differential Type­Steel composite planetary
Gear Pitch­48-pitch
Transmission­Metal gear Magnum 272
Chassis Type­Long-wheelbase fiber-composite chassis
Chassis Material­Composite Nylon
Center Ground Clearance­3.5 inches (89 mm)
Top Speed­60+mph*
Skill Level­1
Radio System (transmitter)­TQi 2.4 GHz (2-channel)
Radio System (receiver)­Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)® (6533)
**Battery Tray Dimensions­165 mm x 49.5 mm x 23 mm, 25 mm
Required­NiMH or LiPo battery, charger, 4 "AA" batteries (transmitter)
**Battery expansion kit available (5827X).

Slash (58276-74) Specifications Front

Input Voltage: NiMH 6-9 Cells (7.2 to 10.8 volts); LiPo 2-3 Cells (7.4 to 11.1 volts DC)
Case Size: 39 mm x 55 mm x 33 mm
Weight: 90 grams
Motor Limit (Brushless): No motor limit
On Resistance Forward: 0.00075 ohms
On Resistance Reverse: 0.00075 ohms
BEC Voltage: 6.0 volts
BEC Current: 2.5 amps
Power Wire: 12-gauge Maxx® Cable
Input Harness Wire: 26 gauge
Low Voltage Detection: 2-stage indicators, switchable (on or off)

2-stage thermal shutdown
Profile selection: Sport Mode:     100% FWD, 100% BRAKES, 100% REV Race Mode:     100% FWD, 100% BRAKES, NO REV Training Mode:*     50% FWD, 100% BRAKES, 50% REV
Single-Button Setup: Traxxas EZ-Set®
Battery Input Connector : Traxxas High-Current Connector
Motor Types : Brushless
Ports: RX input, auxiliary fan
For full details, click here.­*Patented

Slash VXL (58276-74) Top Chassis View

MODEL 58276-74: Fully assembled with Traxxas Stability Management TSM®, TQi 2.4 GHz radio system, Velineon® brushless power system, Pro Series Magnum 272R Transmission, and Clipless ProGraphix® race replica painted body (Requires Battery And Charger)

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