Hobby Plus CR-18 Conqueror 6x6 (Camo)

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Hobby Plus CR-18 Conqueror 6x6  (Camo)

HBP would like to introduce our latest version from our CR-18 family the new "Conqueror 6X6". The new “"Conqueror 6X6" could have extreme performance in or out door on any terrain. You know, six wheel are better than four ! With the military style inspired body and honcho style roll cage, it has the coolest appearance on the shell. It has a functional tool box which can carry an extra battery that allows hobbyist to have max of 2 hours runtime which means you don't have to worry running out of battery when you are out in the wild.

Features :

All wheel drive 6X6
Body inspired by military truck
Functional front and rear lights
Honcho style roll cage
Clip-less body mount with magnetic construction
Functional tool box with the volume to carry extra battery
Matte finish lexan body
New upgraded electronics with PPX4 grade water resistant
Functional spare wheel included

Specification :

Length : 296mm                Width : 113mm

Height : 126mm                Wheelbase : 155mm/61mm

Drive Ratio : 104:1             Weight : 280grm

Drive Train : Full lock 4WD     Suspension : Coil spring

Wheel : Internal bead lock    Tire : 1.0 Aggressive thread MT tire

Electronics : 

Transmitter TX : 2.4ghz 4Channel

Esc/RX : 2in1 Combo with full feature light control ( Waterproof )

Battery : 7.4v 2S Li-po 600mah  Motor : Brushed 050 55T

Charger : USB with indicator